Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Three Packets and a Roast ~ by Sarah

This is a Mary Hunt from Everyday Cheapskate recipe.  It is the best pot roast you'll ever make.  I guarantee it!

1 beef roast (chuck, London broil, round...the cheaper the better--mine was only six bucks!)
Three packets of dry mix:
   brown gravy dry mix
   Italian dressing dry mix
   ranch dressing dry mix

Place beef in the slow cooker.  Tear open the packets and pour them on the raw meat.  Add one cup of water.  Cover and cook on low 8 hours for a large roast or on high for 5 hours.  Check after a few hours to make sure it's not getting too done.  The gravy this creates is incredible and even the cheapest cut of meat will be so tender! 

If you have a pork roast, substitute the brown gravy mix with pork gravy mix.  If you have a whole chicken, substitute it with chicken gravy.

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