Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cinnamon Roll Waffles ~ by Sarah

My friend Angela made these the other morning for her daycare kids and Gavin raved and raved.  Since Mom and Dad got us a new waffle maker for Christmas I wanted to give them a shot.  Super easy and super good!  These little suckers will tempt you to eat more than one...

1 roll refrigerated cinnamon rolls (the kind in a can)
cooking spray

Grease waffle iron with cooking spray.  Place one cinnamon roll per section of your waffle iron.  (If your waffle iron is small you might not want to do four like I did in our big, Belgian one.)  I just cooked mine until the beeper went off on the waffle iron.  If yours doesn't have a beeper, just keep checking them until they're golden.  Spread with icing (from the can--it comes with them) and enjoy!

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